What learning to play an instrument can teach you about investment



Music and money will sing together to create wealth for you



We all love music. All musicians have something in common: they are relentlessly driven to achieve their goals. Mastering an instrument is no easy task, so it is very common to see friends who want to become musicians disappear from our lives for long periods of time. They are studying hard. They are learning music theory, practicing and refining their art. They know what they want.

Let’s consider learning how to play guitar, for example: you start with the guitar parts (body, neck, frets, headstock…), then you learn the strings tuning (E, A, D, G, B, E), then you learn what are chords and how to play some simple ones, like the C-A-G-E-D, and then you move on to more complicated things, such as scales, majors chords, minors chords, chord progression, the Greek Modes and so forth. This learning process will take years, like a never-ending journey, and since music will be the most significant part of a musician’s life, that’s just the way it is. What you do is plan each step of this learning process and enjoy the accomplishments you have earned.

Investing your money is the same process. You put years of effort, dedication and energy building each step of your dream and knowing that it will pay off some day. Wealth, for investors, means to have enough resources for particular purposes in one’s life. When you have enough, you can accomplish more things. It’s the same with music: when you have enough musical repertoire, you can accomplish more. When you learn how to invest your money wisely, you create better opportunities for yourself and your loved ones. When you learn how to use notes and chords wisely, you play better music.

In both cases, though, you will always rely on someone who is more experienced in the subject than you. When you’re learning an instrument, you are more likely to have a professional musician or someone who’s been on the road for many years as a teacher. Well, here at Penco you have highly skilled financial advisors at your disposal. With our methodology we can help you create a roadmap for your aspirations in life and help you achieve wealth and prosperity. Come visit us today!