Why we make plans?



Evolution and society turned us into dreamers and planners


Have you ever found yourself imagining a conversation with someone famous, like an actor, a musician or even the President? Evolution has helped us develop certain skills that allows us perform complex tasks, such as planning, predicting, foreseeing possible scenarios and of course, dreaming about things.

We have developed a particular set of abilities that once had one primary use but evolved to perform other tasks. Hands are made to grab food and objects, the eyes are made to see, our vocal tract is designed to make noises, and so on. The result is that we have developed our hands not only to grab food, but to build tools, write and sew clothes. The vocal tract (alongside our mouth, tongue, teeth, facial muscle, etc.) enables us to make intricate sounds and movement thus creating language. The eyes are no longer used just to see, but to decode and decipher symbols we have created ourselves — like this piece of text you are reading now.

This supports us in social interactions because we were able to learn how to live with other people and improve our skills at the same time. We are able to collaborate on simple and complex tasks to achieve results, but we are also able to plan and predict things that could happen in the future, and that includes planning our financial lives, and that is a great thing!

Because of our advanced cognitive abilities we are not only able to earn money but also to utilize this resource to support our goal to achieve our ideal lifestyle in the future and strategise in order to reach these goals. Planning and achieving things require such amount of elegant neural interactions that we just take them for granted because, well, we think and that’s it!

Humans have become masters of their own destiny and life has become a lot better, although a lot more complex. We at Penco can help you to plan your life and achieve your goals. Thanks to this evolution, we call it Prosperity.