How do we perceive prosperity?

Prosperity | Andre Furtado,

Andre Furtado,

At Penco, prosperity has a modern connotation.


Depending on who your favourite philosopher is, you may be influenced by his or her views. This is the beauty of being alive: no one is the same and society should teach us to celebrate what is unique about each other — As with any academic theory, there are occasions when the application might seem outdated or irrelevant to modern life. That can be the case with prosperity.


For us at Penco, prosperity is not about buying things that will lie down in the corner of your room a week later or swimming in a vault full of money. Prosperity is about using money wisely in order to reach your goals in life. Because what matters is not the amount of money you have, but how you use whatever sum is available.


With our methodology, you can achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. Clarity and focus are paramount. We do a comprehensive review of your current financial status and look into the many possibilities available to manage your wealth. By the way, wealth does not mean fortune; rather, it represents everything you own and how you can use it.


We will build a roadmap that highlights the path you will take to realise your financial goals and build the prosperous life you envisage. We won’t use complicated financial lingo or scary mathematics, we will make it simple for you. Together, we will work on priorities and actions that move you step by step towards your goals. We will do it together. Finally, as each step of the plan is implemented, we will have regular meetings in order to measure progress and maintain momentum.


This is just a glimpse of how we work together to achieve prosperity. We have been in the industry long enough to understand the specifics of investments, pensions, savings and protection, for persons and companies. Clarity and skill enable us take prosperity to a whole new level: a level that is achievable for everyone.