Everybody loves Elon Musk — and so do we!

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk our real version of Tony Stark.



Do you think it is hard to be Elon Musk? Tech genius, billionaire, a bold character in the corporate world. Sure, becoming such a revolutionary entrepreneur is no picnic and many of his achievements seem out of reach for people like you and me, but, is it possible to create a more down-to-earth version of Musk and be more inspired by his actions?


Yes, it is.


Not only an innovative mind, Elon Musk is a great ambassador of the entrepreneurial spirit, able to hold our attention until his last word and lead us to action right away. He is the product of talent and opportunity, but inspires us all that we can, too, create successful businesses even if we don’t have these two characteristics at full throttle.

Elon brings all kind of emotions

Elon brings all kinds of emotions


Perhaps the first thing we all learn from Musk is that a thriving business does not happen overnight. In 1998, when PayPal was founded, even though it was a payment system like no other in the world, it took several years until it gained the strength and dominance we see today. Now, running other companies as well as PayPal, Musk shows on a daily basis that he puts his beliefs into practice.


One might say “well, that’s easy, he’s a super gazillionaire, he can do whatever he wants”. Not really. Recent allegations that he had mislead Tesla investors ousted him as chairman of the board — although he is still CEO —, which denotes that being rich does not enable one to act recklessly towards other people’s interests. This could be considered misjudged, leaving a stain on his biography, but it should not make us disregard everything he has taught us.


There are different ways to do things. Here at Penco we have even come up with our own way to help people use their wealth wisely. Because we believe that the correct way is the best way to do things. We consider the correct way being well informed and getting guidance from people who are more experienced than us. Elon Musk inspires us to innovate, care for people’s needs and never give up. Whether he talks about money transfers or rockets, we are all ears.