Penco and entrepreneurship



How we perceive and value entrepreneurship




Of all the French words that entered the English vernacular since the Norman Conquest, “entrepreneur” might be our favourite. This word derives from two words: entreprendre, which means to undertake, and enterprise.
It’s defined as “a person who organises and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so”. It’s these two little words that catch our attention: financial risk. And the reason is simple: as financial service providers, we want entrepreneurs to thrive with as much control as possible while understanding the risks taken.
Each member of our team has been an entrepreneur at some point, so we are more than capable of talking the same language and coming up with solutions to get your new project going with the desired stability. That is why we value entrepreneurs so much: we have all been there and know all the hoops to jump through in order to achieve goals.
There are a number of issues which our clients need to be familiar with before investing in an idea or a company. To begin with, we suggest considering these three points:
Background information
Think of all the questions that will guide you before you make an investment. Things like:
• What is the current state of the industry?
• How competitive is this company which I’m about to invest in?
• How is this service or product going to touch our users’ hearts?
• What’s the competition like?
These are just for starters; To make a true informed decision, the more questions we ask, the better our understanding of what lies ahead.
Invest within your means
It’s important to understand that investment is about making the most of the available resources. Some investments demand large sums of money while others don’t. We prefer to advise our clients to invest within their means instead of relying on intricate financial engineering — unless it is absolutely necessary. If it’s necessary to take out credit, such as a bank loan, we can guide you through how to do so and start seeing measurable results.
Be financially smart
As we have previously mentioned, having a good team to guide you is vital, so you have the right support and guidance to plan and execute all the actions needed to be successful. Here at Penco we have professionals with varied backgrounds but sharing similar goals to the entrepreneurs that come to our office. We can assist you with everything you need to thrive in your business.
Ready to take action?
Penco offers a range of state-of-the-art services that will help you create a path to wealth and prosperity. So, to work with a team of bright, driven professionals who know what it is like to be an entrepreneur in the modern world, come talk to us today.