Shareholder Protection

Most business would not operate without a comprehensive business plan detailing route to market, sales activity, and projected financials, however very few think to include a formal plan to cover the business in the event of the death or disability of the owners. Would your business have sufficient cash to buy out the deceased’s shares from their next of kin? Have you ensured that a controlling interest in the business is not lost to an outside party who may have no experience or interest in the business? Or have you considered what impact it would have if the beneficiaries of the deceased refuse to sell? We have a wealth of experience at supporting business owners make an uncertain future more secure by putting Directors and Shareholders cover in place.


Key Person Insurance

Is there one or more individuals in your business who are responsible for the success of the company due to their areas of expertise, contacts or sales ability? What would happen to the profits of the company if they were to die or be unwell for a long period of time? Key person cover can provide for these unforeseen circumstances by protecting the business’s profits. Why not ensure that your business never has to face this difficult predicament by exploring the cover you can put in place to offset this loss.