Life Insurance

This provides the peace of mind that in the event of your premature death you have adequate provision in place to ease the financial burden of your loss. We can help you understand your human capital and quantify the amount of cover and appropriate period of risk for you, so you have the right level of protection in place at the right time and cost.


Mortgage Protection

When you borrow money whether it be to buy your home or to invest in your business the lender will often insist on a policy in their favour to protect them and your estate against your premature death. We simplify the process and guide you through the various options available to you.


Income Protection

Most people would find it difficult to continue to meet their existing financial obligations should they find themselves unable to work for a period. Permanent Health Insurance/ Income protection is designed to mitigate the risk that you might lose your ability to earn. This is particularly important for those who are self-employed as they get limited assistance from the state.  As with any cover it is about striking the right balance. You do not need to cover your full income just the essential expenditures. We help you to find a level of cover at a cost that you are comfortable with. An additional benefit of this protection is that you get tax relief on your premiums so this reduces the cost significantly.


Specified illness cover

It is often said that our health is our wealth which is why any serious illness can have a profound impact on your financial security. It is understandable not to want to think about the worst case scenario, and for most people serious illness falls into this category. While the chances of being diagnosed with a serious illness are surprisingly high, thankfully the prognosis for recovery is better now than ever before. However, the likelihood is that you may require specialist treatment and a sustained period off work to recover.  Serious illness pays out a lump sum to ease any financial impact so you can concentrate on your physical and emotional recovery.  We will help you determine the right amount of cover to enable you to concentrate on getting back on your feet.


Estate Planning

Many families are keen to pass their hard earned wealth to future generations, however in the absence of proper planning this can result in a significant tax bill for your beneficiaries. We help you gain an understanding of what these taxes are and guide you through the various strategies available to you so your estate is in a position to reduce, mitigate  or discharge these liabilities when they arise.